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InterPanter EMUs enter service

09 Nov 2015

CZECH REPUBLIC: The first two Škoda Transportation Class 660.1 InterPanter electric multiple-units entered regular service on the Olomouc – Přerov – Břeclav – Brno route on November 4, following a handover ceremony at Olomouc station.

Derived from RegioPanter EMUs ordered for regional services, the 160 km/h low-floor dual-system InterPanter is the first Czech-built long-distance EMU. Changes from the RegioPanter design include a single wide double-leaf door per side, rather than two on the regional units. Passenger amenities include a PRM TSI-compliant accessible interior, air-conditioning, electronic seat reservations, power sockets and wi-fi.

ČD ordered four three-car Class 660.0 and 10 five-car Class 660.1 InterPanter EMUs in August 2014. Six are scheduled to replace push-pull trainsets on Olomouc – Brno services from December, with the rest to enter service on the Praha – Pardubice – Česká Třebová – Brno corridor in spring 2016.