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Level crossing upgrading contract awarded

30 Oct 2018

SWEDEN: Trafikverket has selected Portuguese company Efacec and its local partner IndustriSpar to develop, gain approval for and then supply a new generation of automatic level crossing protection systems, including control equipment, interfaces, barriers and road signs.

The contract is worth €5m/year for an initial five years, and is renewable for up to 30 years. An average of one crossing per week is to be equipped with a version of Efacec’s XSafe design, incorporating commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and adapted to Swedish requirements.

The order is the first contract which Efacec’s transport business has won in Sweden, and its largest ever largest export contract. ‘This is another milestone for the company’, said CEO Ângelo Ramalho. ‘It reveals Efacec’s competitive ability to overcome challenges posed by demanding international competitions, positioning as a company strongly focused on the design, development and implementation of innovative technologies.’