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Östgötatrafiken orders more Coradia Nordic EMUs

02 Nov 2017

SWEDEN: Östergötland transport authority Östgötatrafiken has ordered three more Alstom Coradia Nordic electric multiple-units. They are scheduled to be delivered in spring 2019 to augment its current fleet of 15.

The four-car 160 km/h units will be 74 m long with a capacity of 510 passengers.

Announcing the order on November 2, Alstom said the additional EMUs for Östgötatrafiken would be built at its Salzgitter plant in Germany as an add-on to a batch of 30 units currently being delivered to Skånetrafiken.

Alstom said it has now has sold 280 Coradia single-deck EMUs in the Nordic region since 2002. In total, more than 3 000 units from its Coradia family of regional trainsets are in service in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK.