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Rail-specification ball valves developed

28 Dec 2017

VALVES: IMI Precision Engineering has developed a range of robust ball valves specially designed to meet rolling stock standards and to offer consistency across a temperature range between -40°C and +85°C.

The range includes lever, latching or locking handles for on-board applications including door and step systems and wagon controls.

‘Ball valves perform a vital function, enabling a compressed air supply to be isolated’, explains Kelvin Austin, Business Development Director, Rail. ‘This might be during the normal operation of a vehicle or perhaps to allow maintenance of pneumatic equipment to take place. Whether this is scheduled maintenance or the result of damaged or leaking pipework, our ball valve range ensures the air line can be shut off safely.’

Tested to EN 45545 standards for fire and smoke behaviour of materials used on board rail vehicles and EN 61373 for vibration resistance, the ball valves also comply with NF F11-806:1996 technical, dimensional and functional parameters.