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Stadler signs Slovenian multiple-unit contract

18 Apr 2018

SLOVENIA: Stadler formally signed its first contract in Slovenia on April 17, a €170m deal to supply 26 multiple-units to national railway Slovenske Železnice.

Stadler had been the sole bidder for the contract, which covers 11 Flirt multi-system electric multiple-units, five Flirt diesel-electric multiple-units and 10 Kiss double-deck EMUs. Deliveries are scheduled to begin 24 in months.

The single-deck Flirt units are intended for use on cross-border routes to Austria and Croatia, while the Kiss units will be used on domestic services. It will be possible for the single and double-deck sets to operate in multiple. The DMUs will have a power module housing two Deutz diesel engines.

‘Stadler is very proud not only to be delivering trains to Slovenia for the first time, but also to be able to construct a complete series of different vehicles that have been co-ordinated with each other to form a uniform fleet’, said Peter Jenelten, Deputy Group CEO and Head of Marketing & Sales. 

Model Traction Units Cars/unit Maximum speed, km/h Length, m Width, mm Height, mm Seats (standard +first class) Standees Wheelchair spaces Cycle spaces Toilets
Flirt 5 kV 16·7 Hz/3 kV DC/25 kV 50 Hz 11 4 160 80·7 2 820 4 120 223+12 227 2 5 1 standard, 1 PRM
Kiss 3 kV DC 10 3 160 79·84 2 800 4 630 276+16 264 2 5 1 standard, 1 PRM
Flirt DMU 5 3 140 70·4 2 820 4 120 159+12 167 2 5 1 standard, 1 PRM