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News (Infrastructure) - 25 June 2016
World rail infrastructure market June 2016

appeals, on April 29 a €165m contract for modernisation and doubling of the 38·2 km Dugo Selo - Krizevci section of the route from Zagreb to the Hungarian border by late 2019 was signed by HŽ...

News (Infrastructure) - 27 December 2015
World rail infrastructure market December 2015

has selected a consortium of DIV, Dalekovod and Zagreb Montaza to modernise the 38 km Dugo Selo - Krizevci section of the Zagreb - Budapest route, costed at €199m including supervision and land...

News (Passenger,Infrastructure,Europe) - 18 April 2014
Loans to fund Croatian upgrading

1 · 25bn kuna will be allocated for reconstruction and double-tracking of the Dugo Selo – Krizevci section of the route. Passenger operator HŽ Putnički Prijevoz has announced its...