At 3M, we are experts in helping you be confident you’ll get it right the first time. Our manufacturing technologies help you avoid do-overs and deliver on time. From adhesives and air filters to water purifiers and window security films, our goal is to help you and your company run more efficiently.




When it comes to fabrication, assembly or processing of anything around the world, 3M knows efficiency is key. For you, for your team, and for your bottom line. From ultra-strong abrasives that keep processes running smoothly, to futuristic materials that literally lighten your workload, our innovative solutions keep your business and your employees working smoothly.


Efficient rail solutions for a sustainable future

Find out how to save money through innovative, safe and sustainable rail operations.

Join 3M and industry experts to learn how to drive cost savings through sustainable solutions for enhanced passenger experience, increased safety, reduced downtime and simplified cleaning of rail cars.

The measure of success in rail transport is no longer solely defined by a fast and reliable service. It now requires excellence throughout the total passenger and worker experience, including comfort, safety, cleanliness and the visual appeal that attracts customers to come on board… and keeps them coming back.