UK: Fujitsu subsidiary Applied Card Technologies has launched an automated service designed to streamline the process of reimbursing transport operators for journeys made using transport authorities’ concessionary travel schemes.

ACT said more than 12 million people in the UK receive free travel under government-funded concessionary travel schemes, with the transport operators being reimbursed at agreed rates for every eligible journey made.

Many authorities currently rely on operators providing them with data on journeys made, and then manual processes to calculate the appropriate reimbursement.

Actora Reimbursement is designed to automate this process, using journey data from smart cards to minimise administrative overheads and reduce the risk of journey data being omitted or duplicated. Different rates can be applied for different operators or routes, and data compared across periods to identify any unexpected variations.

‘Actora Reimbursement is a solution to time-consuming manual calculations and the inherent risks of inaccuracies caused by manual calculations’, said ACT Cheif Executive Gary Watts. ‘The result is a faster, more accurate payment of concessionary journey reimbursements and fairer payments to operators.’