EUROPE: The Data4PT project has been formally launched to support the development of multimodal transport data exchange standards and models to fulfil the needs of travel information service providers.

The EU-funded project aims to support member states in deploying the Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI harmonised public data standards to enable the provision of EU-wide information services.

The four-year project is being co-ordinated by UITP, which already heads up the non-profit public transport IT interoperability association ITxPT. The project team brings together representatives from nine EU member states as well as a large number of interested stakeholders and experts.

‘Data4PT aims to contribute to a seamless door-to-door travel ecosystem across Europe that covers all mobility services’, explained Guido Di Pasquale, UITP’s Deputy Director, Knowledge & Innovation, on March 30. ‘This will make it easier for providers to deploy services and meet the ever-changing mobility demand and behaviour of citizens.’