ROMANIA: A financing agreement for the purchase of 10 trams for Oradea was singed on October 19. Sole bidder Astra Vagoane Călători Arad is to supply 10 trams under an 88·8m lei contract that includes options for 10 more.

Four trams are to be delivered by October 2019 and the rest by the end of 2020. The trams are to be 26 to 28 m long with capacity for 168 passengers at 6½/m2 and a minimum of 40 seats. The tender specifies energy consumption no higher than 3·5 kWh per km and no less than 25% of braking energy is to be recovered.

Astra Vagoane was also sole bidder to supply 22 trams to Cluj-Napoca for 170·2m lei. Deliveries are due within 48 months of contract signing.

The trams are limited to 32 m due to platform lengths, and will have capacity for at least 290 passengers at 8/m2 including 36 seated. They will be equipped with air-conditioning, a passenger counting system, audio-visual passenger information and wi-fi. Maximum speed will be 70 km/h and the design life 30 years.

Tender documentation for tram acquisitions is currently being prepared by Craiova, Ploiești, Botoșani, Iași, Brăila and București.