LITHUANIA: The first of 85 Trollino 12 trolleybuses that Solaris is supplying to Kaunas public transport operator UAB Kauno Autobusai arrived in Kaunas on August 6.

UAB Kauno Autobusai signed a €29·4m contract in October, with delivery of all 85 vehicles due by the end of this year. The first trolleybus is expected to enter revenue service in the next few weeks.

The low-floor vehicles have capacity for 85 passengers. They are powered by a 150 kW asynchronous traction motor and equipped with USB chargers, CCTV, LED lighting and two passenger information screens.

Once all the Trollino 12 vehicles are delivered, UAB Kauno Autobusai would be able to withdraw all of its Škoda 14T trolleybuses, which were delivered in 1984-91. The operator is also upgrading the overhead wires on the trolleybus network.