February 2014 issue of Railway Gazette International


  • Concerns grow over crude oil safety


  • Main Line
  • Urban Rail
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  • Fourth Railway Package’s plenary reading moves closer
  • Debunking the social dumping myth
  • India welcomes foreign funding
  • Czech bidders still waiting
  • Network Rail debt goes back on the books
  • Safety drive bears fruit
  • China changes import rules
  • South Korean unions fear privatisation

Metros and light rail

  • December openings conclude a busy year
    A raft of opening ceremonies marked the end of an extremely active year of urban rail development in China. Andrew Benton summarises progress in the metro and light rail fields
  • Trams make a comeback in China
  • A six-line metro by 2019
    Riyadh is to complete a six-line driverless metro network in five years, according to ambitious plans unveiled last year. Karol Zemek looks at the flagship project

Middle East

  • Etihad Rail prepares to open
    The first freight trains to operate in the UAE will shortly begin hauling sulphur to the port of Ruwais over the first phase of a planned 1200 km national rail network
  • Boom time in the desert
    A guide to the wide range of railway and metro investment projects underway in Saudi Arabia
  • Ankara acceleration on the horizon
    The next section of a dedicated fast passenger line linking Ankara with Istanbul is poised to open this month. Nick Kingsley and Türker Ahi report
  • Making the case for a high speed line
    Studies suggest that the construction of high speed lines linking Cairo with Alexandria and Asyut would offer a positive NPV, as well as operational and environmental advantages. Dr Mahmoud Ahmed Mousa Ali of DB international provides the details

IT & Data services

  • Giving depots the data they want
    Integrating remote monitoring and planning via a manufacturer-neutral software suite could improve the efficiency of both fleet maintenance and refurbishment
  • Zhengzhou pioneers LTE communications
    Opening its initial line for revenue service in December, Zhengzhou Metro is the world’s first urban rail operator to adopt 4G technology for both non-vital and vital applications. Andrew Benton reports

In focus

  • World’s fastest train poised to enter service
    Expected to carry its first passengers next month, the Zefiro380 is the fastest member of Bombardier Transportation’s Zefiro family writes Dipl-Ing Ralf Niklass, Chief Engineer, Zefiro380, Bombardier Transportation
  • Translation agencies can be project partners too
    Linguistic specialists are procurement partners with a role extending far beyond the translation of operating manuals, according to Natalia Betleja-Gruca and Jerzy Nedoma of Lido Lang Technical Translations
  • Everything you need to build a railroad
    More than 1100 visitors attended the National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association conference and Remsa exhibition in California last month. David Lustig reports

Research & skills

  • Postgraduate programme in safety
  • HS2 skills college
  • Points inspection enhanced
  • SRO reviews safety
  • University co-operation


  • People
  • Sidetrack
  • Book review
  • Diary


  • European rail market liberalisation has failed his company, believes Husa Transportation Rail Services Managing Director Frans Zoetmulder

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