GERMANY: The first of seven Tramino II vehicles on order for Braunschweiger Verkehrs-GmbH arrived in Braunschweig on August 22 following a three-day road journey from Stadler’s Siedlce factory in Poland.

In June 2017 BSVG ordered seven Tramino II trams from a joint venture of Stadler Pankow and Solaris. Niedersachsen Land transport agency LNVG is funding half of the €18·9m cost.

Work on the first vehicle began in October 2018, with some work taking place at the Solaris factory in Środa Wielkopolska. Deliveries of all seven vehicles are to be completed by the end of this year.

The 100% low-floor four-section trams are 35·7 m long with capacity for 80 seated and 125 standing passengers. They have two wheelchair spaces instead of the one present in the previous version of the Tramino. The unidirectional vehicles are powered by five 90 kW asynchronous traction motors, and energy generated by regenerative braking is stored in supercapacitors. They are also equipped with an anti-knick-system to stabilise the tram on sharp curves.

Braunschweig already has 18 Tramino vehicles in service, which were supplied by Solaris under a €33·1m contract signed in 2012.