ISRAEL: The TransJerusalem J-Net consortium of CAF and Shapir has been awarded a PPP concession to build and operate the Green Line tram project in Jerusalem.

TransJerusalem J-Net beat a bid from a consortium of Shikun & Binui, Egged, CRRC, Comsa, Efatec and MPK.

As well as construction and operation of the 20·6 km Green Line, the concession includes the construction of a 6·8 km extension of the existing Red Line. A total of 53 stops are to be built across the two lines.

Both projects are due to be completed by 2025. The consortium will operate both lines for 15 years and maintain them for 25 years, with options to extend these terms.

Each company has an equal share in the special purpose vehicle that is being established, and CAF says that its share of the contract is worth €500m.

CAF will supply 114 Urbos trams for the Green Line, and will refurbish the 46 Alstom Citadis trams on the Red Line. It will also be responsible for signalling, communications and power supplies.

The 13·8 km Red Line with 23 stops opened in 2011 and currently carries 145 000 passengers a day.