cn Wuxi metro Line 3 (1)

CHINA: The first phase of Wuxi’s third metro line opened on October 28, running 28·5 km from Sumiao in the west of the city to Sunan Shuofang International Airport in the southeast.

Under construction since March 2016, Line 3 has 21 stations, including two interchanges with lines 1 and 2. Services are operated using 28 six-car Type B1 trainsets.

Two extensions of Line 3 are planned. One would run north for 10·8 km from Sumiao to Luozhou Road with six stations; the other would continue 6·6 km south from Shuofang International Airport to Changjiang South Road with three stations.

Meanwhile, the first trains for the 24·4 km Line 4 were delivered to Wuxi on October 21, ready for the scheduled opening of that line next year.