CHINA: The first phase of Ningbo Rail Transit metro Line 3 opened on June 30. The north – south line runs 16·7km from Datong Bridge to Gaotang Bridge, with 15 underground stations, serving business districts and science and technology centres.

CRRC Zhuzhou has supplied a fleet of 17 six-car Type B trainsets with a capacity of 1 460 passengers. Tickets can be bought using the Alipay mobile payment platform.

The first metro line in Ningbo opened in 2014, and the latest opening takes the network to three lines totalling 91·4 km with 66 stations.

Line 2 is currently being extended, and the first sections of lines 4 and 5 are under construction. A second phase of Line 3 is planned, with would initially be isolated from the first section of the line. A sixth line is also envisaged.