Chongqing Metro Line 9 aerial view of station

CHINA: The first phase of Chongqing metro Line 9 opened on January 25. The route runs 32·3 km northeast from Gaotanyan to Xingkedadao serving 23 stations, of which nine provide interchange to other metro lines.

Chongqing Metro Line 9

Two infill stations are under construction, along with Phase 2 extensions at both ends which will add 8 km and a further six stations.

In common with the four other metro lines approved in 2013, Line 9 is a conventional heavy metro with a 1·5 kV DC overhead power supply.

CRRC has supplied an initial fleet of 24 six-car Type A trains, with 13 more to be delivered for Phase 2. These will be serviced by depots near the future terminals at Xinqiao in the west and Huashigou to the north; there are also connections to lines 4 and 10 for stock movements.

Chengdu’s metro has grown to 402 route-km in the 16 years since monorail Line 2 opened in June 2005. Opening of Line 9 has restored its tenth place in the Railway Gazette Knowldge Hub ranking of the world’s largest metro networks at the expense of New York, with China now holding all but two of the top 10 positions.