CHINA: Tianjin metro Line 5 began trial operations on October 22. Services operate between 6.00 and 23.40 every 6 min in the peaks and 7 to 8 min off-peak.

The 35 km underground route runs from Danhebeidao in the north to Zhongyiyifuyuan in the south, serving 26 stations including eight interchanges. End-to-end journey time is 57 min. Construction started in 2012 and cost 18bn yuan.

Line 5 uses a fleet of six-car Type B trainsets, but all stations can take seven-car sets.

At-grade single-station extensions are planned to be built at both ends of Line 5. Meanwhile, two metro lines are under construction in Tianjin, for opening after 2020: The 35·7 km Line 4 with 28 stations and the 43·2 km Line 10 with 34 stations.