SHENZHEN Metro announced in January that it expected to start work this year on an extension of Line 1 from Shijiazhichuang to Bao'an International Airport, which would add a further 14 stations and double the length of the line (p154).

Construction of the first section, including two stations at Baishizhou and Kejiyuan is reported to have started already, and the intention is to have the whole line open by June 2009. Journey time from the existing Line 1 terminus at Luohu to the airport is expected to be 63min.

The city government hopes to start work by the end of 2005 on the 33 km Line 3, which will link Hung Ling Lu with Long Hing Lu in Longgang, serving 21 stations; around two-thirds of this line is expected to be elevated, and one-third in tunnel. This route is also expected to open in 2009.

Shenzhen's Planning Bureau is pushing for an early start on the 14·4 km Line 2 between Shijiazhichuang and Shekou via Nanshan, and on the 38·2 km Line 5 from Shenzhen West station through Nanshan to Longhua and Tangkeng. Both are scheduled to open for revenue service in 2010.