Rennes metro

FRANCE: Conduent Transportation has implemented a contactless EMV open payment system on the STAR public transport network in Rennes, which is operated by Keolis and used by 353 000 passengers/day.

More than 1 500 validators with integrated EMV contactless payment functionality have been installed on the metro, buses and at park-and-ride locations, enabling passengers to use the Bretagne region’s KorriGo smart card, reloadable tickets, contactless credit and debit cards and NFC-enabled devices with Apple Pay or Samsung Pay digital wallets.

‘When we launched this project, our goal was to expand the range of payments provided to our customers’, said Vincent Tournedouet, Project Director and head of the Rennes Métropole Metro Investments Department, on April 14. ‘Conduent’s technology helps simplify access to the STAR network for occasional users.’

To implement the project, Conduent received MPAT certification for open payment by the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB, France’s national interbank network.

‘Use of contactless payment continues to expand in France, and more broadly in Europe’, said Mark Brewer, President of Transportation Solutions at Conduent. ‘The EMV installation on Rennes’ STAR network represents the largest in France to date on a public transport network.’