GERMANY: In a double ceremony taking place at the manufacturer’s Kassel plant on November 29, Bombardier Transportation handed over three Traxx AC electric freight locomotives to leasing company Akiem, which in turn passed them directly to its customer HSL Logistik. A further three locos are due to be handed over in the second quarter of 2018.

Bombardier and Akiem had signed a framework agreement in 2016 for the supply of 52 locos, when the leasing company called off the first batch of 26 comprising the Traxx AC and multi-system MS types. Last month Akiem called off a further batch of 10.

As well as meeting customer requirements, the new locos would help the leasing company develop its business ‘by extending our service, flexibility and performance’, said Akiem Managing Director Hengameh Panahi. ‘We are very glad to continue our long-term partnership with HSL and with Bombardier’, she added.

‘As Germany’s largest privately-owned rail transport company’, said HSL Logistik CEO Haiko Böttcher, ‘we are confident that these new Traxx locomotives will enable us to further enlarge our business.’