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    Comment: Greek train crash highlights a tragic system failure


    A horrific head-on collision at Evangelismos on the Athens – Thessaloniki main line raises many questions about investment in railway safety and the human factors implications facing front-line employees. 

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    Comment: Money alone is not enough


    The Indian government is pouring money into rail investment in record quantities, but cash alone will not be enough to ensure that policymakers’ ambitious aims for railway development are achieved.

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    Comment: Productivity not exploitation


    Poor working conditions risk impacting on railways’ ability to recruit the people they need to be competitive for the future, argues Railway Gazette’s Senior Editor Chris Jackson.

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    Australia: Reshaping Brisbane’s rail connections


    With construction of the Cross River Rail link well underway, Queensland’s state government has unveiled a comprehensive strategy for development of Brisbane’s regional rail network to accommodate projected population growth. Chris Jackson  explores the proposals.

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    Israel: ISR expansion ramps up again


    Israel Railways has embarked on an ambitious strategy to double the size of its network, as it seeks to cope with a projected quadrupling of demand by 2030. CEO Michael Maixner explains his priorities to Chris Jackson.

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    Norway: Follobanen is ready to open


    As well as increasing capacity on the main rail corridor running southeast from Oslo, the Follobanen which opens next month is spurring sustainable development in the surrounding suburbs, as Bane Nor Project Director Per-David Borenstein explains to Chris Jackson.

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    TEN-T revision must go further, says CER


    EUROPE: A clear strategy and implementation timescale are essential for delivery of an expanded TEN-T rail network over the next two decades, according to Dominique Riquet, Co-Rapporteur on the TEN-T revision proposals for the European Parliament’s Transport & Tourism Committee.

  • MRIN-2209-Cover
    Metro Report International

    On track to an integrated future


    The Autumn 2022 issue of Metro Report International magazine is now available to read under the Digital Magazines tab.

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    Infrastructure: A change of track


    Advances in turnout design, greater use of digital technologies and a strong focus on performance are helping to improve the capacity and reliability of Sweden’s rail network. Chris Jackson reports from Örebro.

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    Comment: A force for good


    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sadly reiterated the role that railways have played in armed conflict for more than 150 years. Nevertheless, the industry has rallied round to support both the Ukrainian railway sector and the people affected by the war, reflecting rail’s overwhelming influence as a force for good in modern society.

  • Young climate activists exchange ideas on the Eurostar climate train to COP26 3
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    Comment: The COP26 cop-out


    Despite unambiguous evidence that global emissions from transport are heading in the wrong direction, there was a notable lack of emphasis on the role sustainable mobility including rail could play in mitigating climate change at the recent COP26 summit in Glasgow.

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    Denmark: Getting the passengers back


    With a substantial investment strategy in place and negotiations for a new operating contract underway, Denmark’s state passenger operator is positioning itself to drive modal shift in a post-Covid recovery, DSB Chief Executive Flemming Jensen tells Chris Jackson.

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    Comment: Look forward not back


    As the Connecting Europe Express completes its tour of the continent in Paris on October 7, the rail industry must use the momentum generated by the EU’s Year of Rail to develop a competitive sector which is able to attract a new generation of users and staff, argues our Editor-in-Chief Chris Jackson.

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    Freight: STB juggles merger challenges


    Over the coming months, the US Surface Transportation Board must rule on two proposed mergers involving Class I railroads, at a time of increasing calls for more competition in the US transport sector. Chris Jackson investigates.

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    Africa: Traxtion eyes growth potential


    New investment opportunities are opening up in the African rail sector, and as the continent’s largest private freight operator Traxtion wants to lead the charge, CEO James Holley tells Chris Jackson.

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    Interview: ‘We have to win back our customers’


    Just when the French national operator’s passenger sector is coming to terms with Covid-19 and the collapse of business travel, it faces the arrival of competition in both the regional and long-distance markets. Chris Jackson asked Christophe Fanichet, President-Directeur Général of SNCF Voyageurs, about his strategy at a time of unprecedented challenges.

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    Urban In Depth

    Building back better


    Public transport operators around the world face a massive challenge in the years ahead, as countries and cities seek to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic that has swept around the globe during 2020.

  • gb Carmont derailment (Photo RAIB)
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    Comment: Beware of the weather


    ‘Disruption from extreme weather events seems to be increasing rapidly in many parts of the world’

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    Kenya: The lion stirs again


    With expansion of the Chinese-backed standard-gauge railway currently on hold, Kenya Railways Corp has turned its attention to revitalising key sections of its ageing metre-gauge network. Chris Jackson investigates.

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    Freight: Lineas targets cost-effective ETCS


    Europe’s largest independent freight operator Lineas has decided to equip its diesel locomotives with a new generation of software-based ETCS onboard equipment being developed by The Signalling Company. Co-founders Stanislas PinteAlexandre Bétis and Christophe Lechevalier explain the thinking to Chris Jackson.