RUSSIA: Samara Transport Operator announced on September 27 that it had selected UKVZ to supply 10 trams under a 999·8m rouble contract.

The 100% low-floor unidirectional KTM-33 trams are to be purchased through a five-year leasing deal. The estimated cost of the rolling stock is 650m roubles, with the remainder being leasing fees. The contract also includes a 24-month warranty and staff training. Financial close is expected by October 17.

Deliveries must be completed by January 20 2017. The tender specifies a service life of at least 30 years, with the trams able to operate in temperatures between -40°C and 40°C. The 26 m long, 2 500 mm wide air-conditioned vehicles would have capacity for 200 passengers or 300 in crush load conditions.

Earlier this year a prototype KTM-33 tram was tested in Samara, along with a Uraltransmash Type 71-409 and a Stadler Metelica. Samara has taken delivery this year of 20 KTM-23 trams ordered from UKVZ for 450m roubles; these mostly operate in coupled pairs.