Fluidtime’s apps are used in several Austrian cities, including Wien.

AUSTRIA: Kapsch TrafficCom has acquired a 75% stake in Fluidtime Data Services. Announcing the acquisition on January 12, Kapsch said that it strengthens its position in the emerging mobility-as-a-service sector.

Fluidtime develops apps for multimodal urban transport. Incorporating real-time travel information from a number of sources, the apps allow users to plan journeys and purchase tickets for traditional public transport modes, as well as car-sharing, hire bicycles, taxis and on-demand vehicles.

More than 1·5 million users have downloaded Fluidtime’s qando app since its launch in 2009, making it the most used urban mobility app in the five largest cities in Austria. Fluidtime is also a technology partner in various European Horizon 2020 research projects.