Madrid Metro (Photo: M A Navarro)

SPAIN: Metro de Madrid and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid have tested a millimetre-wave radio system supplied by Israeli company Radwin to support data transfer between trains and between train and the lineside.

Radwin said the tests showed that its TerraBridge mmWave radio technology can provide a reliable connection between trains in many different scenarios, offering a stable link, low latency and no data loss.

UPM tested the TerraBridge system on two small-profile trains in the Madrid Metro: an older CAF 2000 Series train and a more recent CAF 3000 Series set. The primary aim was to assess the suitability of mmWave technology for train-to-train safety and other high-bandwidth applications.

The test showed that TerraBridge is capable of sustaining a bandwidth of 1 Gb/sec at a maximum tested distance of 266 m with less than 1 ms latency and no discernible data loss. Video streaming tests yielded similar performance, even when transmitting heavy data packets.