gb Northern CAF Class 195 (Northern)

UK: Northern is trialling the Unwell Passenger app developed by York-based Incremental Solutions to provide on-train staff with step-by-step instructions to help passengers who become ill or are injured.

‘When a customer is unwell on one of our trains, the onboard member of staff currently has to remember, in a stressful situation, all the policies and procedures that relate to helping the customer, as well as coordinate with colleagues in control and emergency service’, said Northern’s Chief Operating Officer Tricia Williams.

‘The app will mean improved management of incidents on trains as customers who become unwell can be transported more quickly to a suitable location to receive the best care. Other customers also benefit from issues being resolved more quickly, meaning journeys will be back on track in less time.’

The £300 000 trial is funded by Innovate UK. A second phase will look at further automation, including tracking which train the user is on and its exact location to make it easier for emergency services to attend. The app will also be integrated with the train’s communications, so that the passenger information system can be updated with information about delays or other messages.