Cardiff Parkway (Image: Wilkinson Eyre)

UK: Plans for the proposed Cardiff Parkway station have been approved by Cardiff Council.

The four-platform station to the south of the St Mellons Business Park between Cardiff and Newport is being promoted by Cardiff Parkway Development, in conjunction with a 90 000 m2 business district. Opening is planned for 2024.

The station would be served by up to eight trains/h, offering journey times of 7 min to both Cardiff and Newport. Future usage is estimated at 800 000 passengers/year.

‘Our proposals are for a sustainable, well-connected business district with public transport and active travel at its heart’, explained Cardiff Parkway Developments Chairman Nigel Roberts on April 6. ‘We have worked hard with key stakeholders for a number of years and this decision brings forward a key recommendation of the South East Wales Transport Commission and the Union Connectivity Review.

‘The project will bring investment to an area of Cardiff that needs it, create new employment opportunities, and better connect people in this region of southeast Wales.’