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UK: The Institution of Railway Signal Engineers is inviting candidates to book places to sit the online examination for its industry-recognised Certificate in Railway Control Engineering Fundamentals this October.

The certificate is designed to give candidates who may be new to the rail industry, and those with transferrable skills from other railway disciplines or allied industries, the opportunity to gain a recognised entry-level qualification. 

It is also the first stage towards membership of the IRSE and the pre-qualifier for further modules of the IRSE professional examination, which leads to attaining the Advanced Diploma in Railway Control Engineering.

‘This is an exciting development for us and the feedback from last year’s candidates was very positive’, said Judith Ward, IRSE Director of Operations and a member of the Education & Professional Development committee. ‘For almost 100 years our professional examination has helped signal and communications engineers develop and progress in their careers. We hope the introduction of the new Certificate in Railway Control Engineering Fundamentals will enable a wide range of people from many different sectors to gain a recognised qualification which will demonstrate knowledge and provide an excellent starting point for those wishing to progress within our industry or enter it from other fields of engineering.’

Registration closes on July 31, and the examination is open to non IRSE members.