Chiltern Railways DMU

UK: Chiltern Railways is seeking proposals for the supply of battery electric multiple-units.

The Arriva-owned operator is undertaking an assessment of its rolling stock strategy and in particular how it can achieve non-diesel operation on its routes, which are currently worked using diesel multiple-units and locomotives. In the absence of a significant change in government policy, the Chiltern network is unlikely to be electrified in the medium-term future.

Chiltern is running two parallel requests for proposals, seeking established rolling stock owners or modifiers who have the technical capabilities to either manufacture or convert between 30 and 70 BEMUs and test and certify them. Any future contract could potentially include maintenance services, charging infrastructure and depot modifications.

A contract for supply new trains would have an estimated value of £400m+VAT, with Chiltern expecting to separately seek a financier to support the purchase.

Alternatively, Chiltern envisages that remanufactured units could be purchased or leased under a contract with an estimated value of £200m+VAT.