Elizabeth Line station

UK: Telent Technology Services has awarded Sella Controls a contract to supply a building management system as part of the continuing work on the Crossrail project.

The building management system will provide Transport for London subsidiary Rail for London with a centralised platform to monitor assets, integrating existing third party BMSs at stations, and controllers at ventilation shaft and portal locations to provide a common platform for alarm management and data reporting.

By centralising data capture, information can then be relayed to RfL/TfL data warehousing and Maintenance Management Systems.

The BMS will be based on the Iconics platform and a range of Mitsubishi IQR controllers. There will be a central server at Plumstead depot, with a number of user terminals to provide flexible access for operational and maintenance diagnosis. Engineers will also have access via an app to be installed on tablet devices.

When completed and commissioned, the system will be supported under Telent’s existing agreement with TfL, with Sella Controls’ direct support agreement with Telent expanded to suit.