DATA CAPTURE: Contractor Balfour Beatty has been using a secure data collection platform from Leeds-based EviFile as part of its work to install 25 kV 50 Hz electrification between Bristol and Cardiff.

The contractor deployed a customised version of eviFile’s digital progressive assurance methodology to replace a paper-based approach. This enabled it to speed up field data capture and the transmission of quality information to field engineers, managers and Network Rail. Thousands of paper records were replaced with automated electronic reports with a clear and tamper-proof audit trail.

Completed inspection test plans are automatically uploaded to the electrification programme’s database, with dashboard reports provided on request along with detailed reports about individual areas, construction units and wire runs.

‘We see mobile site-based technologies as a key way to gather richer data, faster and more cost efficiently’, said Balfour Beatty Rail’s Director of Electrification Delivery, Peter Webb. ‘These marginal gains lead to significant efficiency savings, which our project with eviFile proves, as its use has enabled us to save seven figures in costs over a 12-month period.’