Stadler Flirt at Canton depot

UK: FirstClass Safety & Control has been awarded a contract to install a depot protection control system at Transport for Wales Rail’s Cardiff Canton site.

This will combine FirstClass’s depot protection system with turnout controls, driver destination boards and driver location information boards, managed using its depot control system.

The depot’s current obsolete systems are being replaced to support the introduction of the Stadler Flirt multiple-unit fleet.

The depot-wide system covering 11 tracks will be independently certified to SIL2 standards, and will include derailers, points machines, log on/off facilities, warning beacons and sounders, interlocked with the depot doors, shore supplies, lifting jacks, mobile battery chargers, hoists and wheel lathe.

A SCADA supervisory terminal will provide movement control and historical logs.

‘Our ability to offer bespoke depot protection systems to meet the exact customer requirements was a major influence on the award of this contract’, said FirstClass director Mark Meyrick on March 7. ’Our innovative approach to design and manufacture not only ensures the customer gets exactly what they want, rather than an off-the-shelf system, but it also makes it easier to support and manage installations, offering future-proofed solutions.’