Forth Bridge

UK: Network Rail has awarded Balfour Beatty an early contractor involvement contract to assist with planning the on-bridge walkway for the proposed Forth Bridge visitor experience, with a £7m option for full design and build.

Forth Bridge visitor hub

In summer 2020 Network Rail began procurement for a design and build contract covering both the off-bridge visitor reception and on-bridge public walkway. However, there no bids were received within the funding envelope, and procurement was terminated in favour of separate packages covering the on-bridge and off-bridge works.

NR has now awarded the ECI contract to Balfour Beatty, which holds the separate bridge maintenance contract and thus understands the safety risks involved in working on the structure.

A prior information notice has been issued for the £4m contract to design and build the off-bridge visitor centre, with a pre-market engagement event scheduled for April 5.