UK: Incremental Solutions’ TRAnsition COnnectivity concept to track freight trains to reduce arrival time uncertainty and the need for paper-based systems has been awarded £393 371 from the Department for Transport’s First of a Kind competition.

Expected to be completed by March 2022, TRACO will use a ‘sophisticated’ GPS from Alstom company Nomad Digital to eliminate blind spots and track goods across rail, roads and ports.

This will provide accurate and credible data to enable the entire logistics chain to be aware of progress, respond to any disruption and predict a train’s arrival time.

Further tracking across other modes such as road haulage would enable end-to-end freight journeys to be tracked down to container level.

Nomad Digital said it will supply robust road and rail approved connectivity equipment, provide a GPS feed and tracking equipment, and support Incremental with engineering and deployment.

It is the third time that York-based Incremental has been awarded FOAK funding. ‘We consistently create visionary technology to help solve challenges faced by the rail industry, and we’re excited to bring our expertise to the freight sector for the first time’, said co-founder and CEO Daniel Lee-Bursnall.