gb GTR coronavirus cleaning (2)

UK: Govia Thameslink Railway’s entire train fleet as well as stations and staff areas have been treated with Zoono, a viruscide which is designed to stick to surfaces and inactivate the coronavirus for up to 30 days. The product is applied on a 21-day cycle, and a specially-developed app tells staff when each coach was last cleaned with the viruscide.

gb GTR coronavirus cleaning (1)

Electrostatic ‘wands’ are used to apply the product around stations and staff areas, while on trains it is applied with a microfibre cloth.

gb GTR coronavirus cleaning (3)

Swab tests of treated areas are carried out around a week after application to ensure it remains effective.

High pressure dry steam and microfibre units are used for enhanced cleaning and bleach fogging for decontamination where someone has been confirmed as having Covid-19.

GTR has also ordered 1 000 no-touch hand sanitisers for staff and passengers which are being distributed to stations.

Other measures the operator is taking include deploying more than 100 extra cleaning staff, with a focus on cleaning passenger and staff touchpoints such as ticket machines, chip-and-pin machines, door buttons, tables, grab poles and handles.