UK: Following trials with ear defenders developed by Eave as part of the HS2 Innovation programme, the Costain-Skanska joint venture is to mandate the use of active hearing protection with integrated noise monitoring across its HS2 sites from September 1.

Unlike passive protection, the headsets allow the wearer to continue to hear environmental sound. They also monitor and map noise exposure, analysing the data in real time to provide information about each worker’s noise exposure.

‘It has been a great pleasure to work with CSJV, Innovate UK and HS2 to showcase how smart tech can do so much more than conventional hearing protection to manage noise on site’, said Eave CEO Dr David Greenberg.

‘Their support has been fundamental in the development of our products, testing our active ear defenders and noise monitoring equipment. We are now working with all CSJV subcontractors to ensure they are ready for the 1st September deadline.’