Smartphone user (Photo Pixabay)

UK: Smart ticketing standards body ITSO Ltd has announced a new version of the ITSO Technical Specification.

‘We’ve seen notable technological advancements since the last Specification release, and we are now in a position to introduce new features which are designed to accommodate newer technologies, ensuring its relevance and compatibility for the future’, said ITSO Ltd CEO Steve Holden on May 15.

This includes support for in-wallet digital ticketing.

‘The use of mobile and wearable devices over the past five years has seen exceptional growth, and the use of digital wallets is now an everyday activity for consumers’, said Holden. ‘We recognise the customer’s desire to have a choice of digital or physical options, which this update brings to the market.’

Last year, the Department for Transport awarded ITSO Ltd a 15-year extension to its contract maintain the national standard for public transport smart ticketing under Crown Copyright.