INNOTRANS: Scottish leather supplier Muirhead is showcasing its ‘low-carbon, reduced-weight, full substance’ LightCore leather for passenger vehicles.

The tanning process produces a leather which Muirhead says is up to 33% lighter than standard leather without sacrificing thickness or strength.

It is also available with ActiveHygiene, which the company says eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses from its surface within 2 h.

Muirhead stand

‘Our innovation team had to rethink the entire process — from the exact hides we choose, through pioneering new manufacturing techniques, to the rigorous testing that ensures every leather meets the highest safety standards’, explains Innovation Manager Stephen Hems.

Muirhead has been making leather for the transport industry for over 180 years. IT sources hides locally from grass-fed farms, recycles water, and uses waste to fuel its own thermal energy plant.