Northern passenger using mobility scooter (Photo TGA Mobility)

UK: Northern is working with wheelchair and scooter supplier TGA Mobility to highlight those mobility scooters which can be taken on its trains.

All powerchairs and wheelchairs can be taken on accessible rail services, but only smaller mobility scooters are allowed on trains. Passengers can apply for a free permit through Northern’s website, which will show whether their scooter is suitable for rail travel.

If it is not suitable, TGA can provide advice on which products from its range can be safely used on the Northern network, and will offer Northern passengers with new permits a 10% discount on train-friendly products.

‘Owing to our historic “no scooters on trains” policy, we knew Northern would benefit from extra help to get our new accessible message out to the community’, said Maxine Myers, the operator’s Accessibility Improvement Manager, on January 16.

‘We were fortunate to be approached by TGA who have some great innovative scooter models. Two in particular, the folding Minimo and Maximo, perfectly fulfilled the criteria of our scooter scheme and provide excellent lightweight vehicles for their users.’