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UK: The Institution of Railway Operators has completed the phased launch of Rail Academy, a ‘one-stop’ online training platform providing remote learning courses for operating staff of varying experience and skill levels.

The fully customisable programmes can be adapted to meet the training requirements of members, and are accessed via two sign-up options: a fully-managed service which includes bespoke content creation, learner enrolments, progress and assessment reviews and complete technical support, or alternatively a licensed-based service offering operators the opportunity to purchase a set number of licenses and distribute courses to staff when required.

‘The essential learning programmes within Rail Academy are ideally suited to all UK rail operators’, said IRO CEO Fiona Tordoff. ‘Offering an accessible, structured and relevant selection of courses, whether for an individual looking to expand their own understanding or deeper knowledge on a corporate level, improvement is at the heart of what we have set out to provide.’