The Joint Rail Data Action Plan aims to help technology companies develop intelligent travel apps (Photo: Hull Trains).

UK: A Joint Rail Data Action Plan was published by the Department for Transport and the Rail Delivery Group on August 8, setting out proposals for train operators to provide more real-time information which would help technology companies develop intelligent travel apps.

‘This will speed the development of travel apps that provide passengers with helpful information about their journeys’, said Rail Minister Jo Johnson.

Data is to be released over the coming months to provide more consistent and timely information about train services, delays and disruption. Information about on-board facilities such as seats, toilets and refreshments will also be provided, along with information to help passengers board in the most convenient place. Some of this data is already provided for external use, while other data exists within operators but is not generally available.

Barriers to sharing information are to be identified and removed, with improved clarity about what data is commercially sensitive and what it can be used for.