UK: Regional trade organisation Rail Forum Midlands has published a manifesto setting out what the supply chain would like to see following the general election.

It has four key points:

  • a commitment to rail playing a major role in the de-carbonisation and clean air agendas;
  • completing HS2 and Midlands Engine Rail in full, together with other regional priorities including Northern Powerhouse Rail and Crossrail 2;
  • publishing a long-term plan for infrastructure renewals and enhancements, as well as a future rolling stock strategy;
  • commitment to transparent, auditable targets for UK content with progress being published annually.

‘The rail supply chain needs clarity and certainty in order to be best placed to respond to the future demands of government and key clients’, said RFM CEO Elaine Clark on November 20. ‘As we move to a more devolved approach to planning and delivery, this is more crucial than ever. Regardless of the outcome of the election, rail has a vital role to play: driving future economic growth, underpinning our environmental ambitions and ensuring we maintain a safe and reliable railway for future generations.’