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UK: The Railway Benefit Fund is to hold a Railway Family Week from April 26 to May 2, with a range of fundraising events aiming to raise £50 000 to support railway people and their families who are in need.

This will include an ‘1858 Challenge’, named after the RBF’s year of foundation, encourages people to raise £18·58, £1 858 or even £18 580, to cycle, run or walk 1 858 miles, km or steps, or to undertake a challenge at 18.58 every night.

RBF said £18·58 could fund the weekly cost of lunches for a child home schooling, £185·80 could fund an emergency grant to feed a family through the weekend, £1 858 could fund a deposit and a month’s rent for a young person left homeless, and £18 580 could furnish accommodation for 10 railway workers getting back on their feet after a marriage breakdown.