UK: Journeo has equipped GB Railfreight’s fleet of almost 100 Class 66 locomotives with forward-facing CCTV and a connection to a cloud-based data portal, providing the control room with real-time access to train location, status and condition monitoring data.

GBRf locomotive

Staff have immediate access to live video footage, and can remotely download data and securely share any information with stakeholders such as Network Rail and the British Transport Police. High definition data is available in minutes, without needing to need to visit a locomotive to collect footage or share information using e-mails and external media.

Applications include event investigation, evidence collection and driver training, as well as identifying infrastructure faults and vegetation intrusion. Potential future developments include AI-driven analysis.

During the coronavirus pandemic GBRf has been using the CCTV to enable drivers to operate from separate cabs, socially distanced from one another, decreasing the risk of infection and disruption to services.