George Davies

UK: Rail safety and standards body RSSB has appointed George Davies as Director of Sustainable Development, leading a new programme designed to ‘reinvigorate’ the rail sector’s efforts to tackle challenges including decarbonisation, air quality and social sustainability.

Davies was previously Head of Sustainability at Heathrow Airport. ‘George has joined RSSB to enhance industry’s collective effort and provide a more collaborative, co-ordinated approach to sustainable development’, said RSSB Chief Executive Mark Phillips on January 27. ‘The new strategy and programme of work will ensure industry is in the best long-term position to support recovery after the pandemic recedes, and that policymakers in government get the best advice on the issues for the rail sector.’

Davies said ‘industry and government have rightly had to prioritise the pressing concern of the pandemic, but as we get on top of it, the longer term challenges around climate change and quality of life will still be there waiting for us to solve. And rail will be part of that future, but we must not get complacent. That’s the nub of the strategy I want to oversee, setting a vision for an optimally utilised net-zero carbon railway that increases quality of life for people and improves the natural environment.’