Social distancing briefing during Primrose Hill tunnel work

Photos: Network Rail

UK: RSSB has published a new version of its Leading Health & Safety on Britain’s Railway strategy.

This sets out areas where the industry needs to co-operate to achieve a step-change in performance, recognising that there are still significant risks involved in signals passed at danger, trespass and workforce safety. Health and wellbeing are also highlighted as an area where more attention is needed to understand how it contributes to better safety and performance.

There is also recognition that the Covid-19 pandemic is creating additional strain, not just for the health and wellbeing of the workforce, but also in managing risk proactively under more pressure, with less resources and with restrictions on people’s behaviour and movement.

‘Britain’s railway system is one of the safest and most intensively used rail networks in the world. But we can’t take that for granted, it relies on everyone playing their part’, said Ali Chegini, RSSB’s Director of System Safety & Health on April 2. ‘As a system we can’t just rely on the positive endeavours of individual companies, it needs everyone to co-operate and consider the bigger picture. That means stepping up to share data and join in the collaborate effort to manage risks.’