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UK: DFDS Seaways Immingham has joined the Rail Safety & Standards Board as its first shipping company member.

This provides the freight shipping, warehousing and logistics operator with access to RSSB’s resource library and ‘world class’ training on human behaviour, safety culture developments and safety processes and practices.

‘DFDS has introduced a new safety management system and a safety culture programme across the business’, explained Managing Director Andrew Byrne. ’We considered which industry to use to benchmark ourselves against, and the rail industry is one that has many similarities to the port industries. RSSB can help us to create a wider safety network outside of our traditional industry partners which will help us to see different perspectives and share and learn best practices.

‘We know RSSB is traditionally rail focused, but there is a mutual appreciation that creating a safety culture and using best processes to create a safer workplace is something that everyone is aiming at, regardless of the traditional industry the organisation supports.’

RSSB’s Business Development & Engagement Director Paul McLaughlin said that ‘much of what we’ve learned and accumulated in the rail sector is also relevant to other safety-critical industries and transport modes both in the UK and overseas, and we look forward to supporting DFDS now and in the future.’