Zonegreen Doncaster sidings panel

UK: Zonegreen has installed a sidings warning system on a track at Hitachi Rail’s Doncaster Carr depot, which is used for toilet emptying, water tank filling, fuelling and sanding of various Class 80x fleets.

Inbound vehicles are detected by a treadle switch that activates beacon sounders, providing audible and visual warnings to staff who can get to a position of safety. Outbound movement alerts can be activated from either a local control panel or remotely from the Person in Charge office.

The depot’s maintenance shed was already equipped with Zonegreen’s Depot Personnel Protection System.

‘Hitachi Rail asked us to install this standalone system, to ensure it can balance operational and personnel obligations and the result has enhanced the safety mechanisms already in place at Doncaster, where trains move slowly and quietly’, explained Zonegreen’s Technical Director Christian Fletcher.