Speedy Anglia rail centre

UK: Tool and plant hire firm Speedy has opened a specialist rail equipment site in Bury St Edmunds to serve contractors in East Anglia.

The site offers large items such as lighting and trackside fencing, and is a centre for battery-powered equipment including the MX Fuel Tower Light lighting tower manufactured by Milwaukee as well as welding, track placement, renewal and maintenance equipment.

‘The Anglia region’s rail contractors have historically been under serviced by hire providers with equipment having to travel so far to reach them’, said Daryl Doherty, director of rail at Speedy. ‘This has put them at a disadvantage for achieving environmental targets due to the emissions associated with high levels of delivery miles. Supporting sustainability in the supply chain is critically important to us, with the location of this depot being equally as important to the significant range of eco equipment we’re providing.’

Jamie Kelly, director of Speedy customer 1stinrail, said ‘the Anglia rail specialist service centre has slashed the distance our equipment deliveries have to travel when working on local projects like the improvement works at Whittlesea station. Previously, we would have had to travel almost 100 miles to source tools and equipment, but the new depot has more than cut this in half.’