Birmingham New Street signal and platform (Photo: Network Rail)

UK: RSSB has launched the Stations Air Quality Monitoring Network to help the rail industry take effective decisions on where air quality improvement plans are required.

The £4·5m programme is being funded by the Department for Transport. Diffusion tubes are being deployed at more than 100 stations in England and Wales, with other equipment including reference monitors and low-cost sensors to be deployed in phases over the next two years.

These will monitor pollutants from diesel trains, including nitrogen oxides and particulates.

‘This is the first large-scale organised air quality monitoring campaign on the railway network, using state-of-the-art equipment, to ensure data obtained is as robust and reliable as possible’, said RSSB Air Quality Specialist, Philbert Chan on November 29. ’RSSB’s analysis of the data collected will provide valuable information on air pollution, at stations across the country, allowing action to be taken to improve air quality where necessary.’